Through the ages of breadmaking, levain has always risen to the occasion: delivering great and authentic taste in every bite, a deliciously soft crumb and an aromatic experience that will leave your customers wanting more.

We, at La Lorraine, use our own signature levains to unlock a world of flavours in bread. From the classics to the nutty, malted and toasted taste of oat-sunflower; the smokey and herbal notes of a buckwheat-linseed; or even the pronounced cereal and roasted flavours of an artisanal multigrain baguette.

With our Taste Needs Time Artisanal Levain Breads, we offer a perfect matching taste in bread to all your customers: from mild and creamy to the more intense flavours of toasted grains.

Add new layers to your offer

Add new layers to your offer

And inspire customers in your store with bread as bread should be.

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