RUSTIC DEMI BAGUETTE - Pre-sliced & fully baked

Speedy service visitors appreciate 

These rustic demi baguettes are pre-sliced for even more efficiency and a safer handling. As they come ‘fully baked’, a quick bake-off is enough to achieve perfection. Just flash bake, top & sell: no more long waits! 

Rustic looks for more character

Its characterful scoring and its flour-dusted crust will definitely attact more attention. The ultimate combination of convenience and rustic looks, without sacrificing on taste nor quality. That’s what we offer you!

Delicious all-rounder

The reason? Its fresh smell, accessible taste and crispy cust. The perfect step up for all your sandwich recipes including pre-packed sandwiches!

How to serve hasty customers in 1-2-3?

1. Prepare a variety of sandwiches in advance to take away.
2. Pre-pack your sandwiches for extra hygiene and safety.
3. Add clear tags so finding their favourity sandwich is easy.


Discover the full option rustic half-baguette

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